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We have no preconceptions about what is the best solution for our clients. Instead, we listen carefully to their goals and problems and weave strategy, engaging text and creative programming together to come up with a solution. Here are a few examples of how we've added value for clients:


Custom investment simulations are a powerful way of acquiring customers and prospects while teaching them the basics of investing in a fun way. Entrants get mock money to invest in real stocks and mutual funds, testing their investment strategies and getting comfortable with online investing in the process. Entrants voluntarily submit information about themselves, which is used to create prospect lists. They also repeatedly return to the simulation to check their portfolios, read helpful articles, and invest, allowing clients to continually market products and services in a cost-effective and compelling way.

Custom simulations help your company build relationships with customers and differentiate your brand from your competitors. By generating repeat visits to your site, simulations build players' familiarity with your firm. By educating players in a fun and compelling way, games build goodwill and thus increase the likelihood that customers will choose to do business with you. Simulations can be customized in many ways to suit your marketing needs.

You can view our simulation on-line at the following site:


Financial Planning Tools

Max's Investment World's programmers continually seek new ways of helping customers with "what if" problems through engaging planning tools, such as figuring out their appropriate asset allocation, how much they need to invest to retire comfortably, and other vexing questions.

View a sample financial planning tool:

Key Bank

Estate Tax Calculator


Compelling articles and other text content help our clients' customers learn about how to better plan for retirement, choose the right investments and manage their personal finances. Max's Investment World's writers have penned stories on consumer finance, investing, banking, budgeting, insurance and many other personal finance topics. We work collaboratively with our clients, from submitting ideas all the way through final drafts.

Our comprehensive article library contains numerous stories on investing, banking, insurance and other personal finance topics. We also create a wide range of custom articles for clients.

Sample Articles From Our Library


In order to attract customers and leverage your internet investments, your site needs to be continually relevant and up to date. We can design all manner of fun and educational quizzes, polls, crossword puzzles, etc., relating to personal finance:

  • Interactive quizzes: Entrants will choose among yes, no and multiple choice answers. After they click on the button, which grades their quiz, they will see which questions they got right along with brief answers and explanations, with links to relevant content on your site.
  • Polls: Entrants will choose among different topics, such as, "do you think the Fed will raise rates tomorrow at its meeting?" Poll questions may also be used to test new products and services.
  • Find the answer/financial crossword puzzles: This content will encourage entrants to find clues/answers to various personal finance questions throughout your site, enmeshing them in your brand. Users will navigate throughout the site and answer the questions correctly to receive points. Financial crossword puzzles, for their part, will entertain prospects while educating them at the same time.

Sample Quizzes and Polls

  Quiz on the Basics of Borrowing for Adults
  Quiz on Basic Banking Products for Kids
  Marketing Poll

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